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After 2020-05-14 all API request will require api_key parameter. Please register to get your key
This function calculates visual hash for given image. Visual hashes can be used to find similar and visually identical images (even when they have different resolution or format). Algorithm is based on an article by Dr. Krawetz.
Two images are visually identical when their hashes are the same.
They are similar if hamming distance between binary representation of the hashes is small (<=5).
Requests can be performed using HTTP GET or POST methods. Response is always in JSON format.
parameter value description
either one
file File to upload. Use POST method
url URL to upload
api_key You API key. Register to get your key



Click POST or GET to see response

possible errors

R7ERR_UPLOAD_FAILED Upload failed R7ERR_NO_UPLOAD No file specified R7ERR_OVER_20MB Uploaded file was bigger than 20 MB R7ERR_NOT_IMAGE Not an images file (supported are PNG, JPG, GIF)

code samples

Below code samples update automatically when you change parameters above

curl, method POST


curl, method GET

wget, method POST


wget, method GET

aria2, method GET


php, method GET


php, method GET, using curl


php, method POST, using curl

javascript, method GET, using XMLHttpRequest


javascript, method GET, using jquery